Live Strong reports group fitness classes provide an opportunity for seniors to meet other seniors with shared life experiences. Studies show this social experience not only improves their physical health but it also decreases the risk of depression and strengthens the overall quality of life, especially when a senior doesn’t have supportive family nearby.

Did you know the leading cause of disability death in seniors is a result of balance issues?

Something so simple, that’s taking for granted, lost over time. In addition, if you don’t take action to strengthen and restore balance you are putting your health and life at risk.

Here are other benefits of getting socially active with a group exercise call as a senior.

Aerobics To Strengthen – Solidify Commitment – It’s very important in particular for seniors to include weight-bearing endurance exercise like jogging and walking, cross training, and some jumping, in their regular exercise routine. This high-impact, weight-bearing exercise prevents the loss of bone and muscle that naturally dissipates as you age.

In group training, you increase the chances of sticking with the program because there are other people to help hold you accountable. That’s a fabulous thing when you need a little bit of a push, particularly to get started.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends a solid 30-60 minutes each day for 3-5 days a week.

Bottom line is you snooze you lose.

Resistance Training To Build Lean Muscle – Improve Your Outlook On Life – In general, adults lose up to 25% of their total muscle mass and strength by the time they hit 70. Resistance training in the only way to slow this process down and in some cases prevents it from happening. Group training helps inspires everyone to work harder and stick with the program.

When you are exercising in a group format, you feel great about yourself and this just makes every day that much better. The tough days don’t seem so tough and the great days are amazing. Group fitness has that magical power.

Create New Healthy Habits – Pulls You Out Of Depression – There’s no doubt depression increases with age. It goes hand in hand with the natural aging process. When you are young, active, and healthy, all the wonders of the world are what are on not mind.

At some point, you start to realize that life does end. In addition, when your aches and pains start becoming more prominent and you notice you can’t do all the physical activities you used to do, that’s depressing!

Research shows that seniors who commit to a wide variety of group fitness classes decrease their risk of depression and other serious mental health conditions. When you are exercising and have people around you to constantly lift you up that is priceless for your overall good health.

Regular Interval Training – Helps Speed Up The Weight Loss Process – Nobody likes admitting the fact that they have a few pounds to lose. In addition, it gets worse as we age because those few pounds tend to creep up and physiologically they are harder and harder to lose.

Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Medical News reports seniors that engage in regularly cardiovascular and muscle building group classes have lower body fat percentages and increase their chances of maintaining weight loss.

Exercise is great for the mind, body, and soul. In addition, group exercise classes for seniors give you the tools and support you need to shed fat, reach your weight loss goals, and kick that fat to the curb for good!

There’s no doubt that group fitness classes for seniors is a wise-owl move for anybody. They increase the chances of sticking with the program, decrease your risk of serious disease, help with weight loss and management, improve your mood, mobility, and motility, and give you the ability to live your live to the fullest much longer than a couch potato.

Time for you to do the right thing and get active in an inspirational group fitness class for seniors today!