Transportation and Transfers


Many seniors feel a great loss of independence when they lose the ability to drive. It’s nearly impossible for any of us to go without a mode of transportation to obtain services that we require such as getting food from the grocery store, trips to doctor's offices, and meeting family and friends.

Transportation and Transfers Securing transportation can be especially challenging for the elder community. Often times, seniors may lack the ability to drive long distances, have limited access to public transportation, or don’t have the opportunity to carpool with family, friends or colleagues. Even for those who have shops and healthcare providers within walking distance and have suitable mobility may have difficulty due to inclement weather or fear for their safety.

A driving caregiver can alleviate many of these issues by allowing seniors the ability to go where they want when they need to. In many cases, the caregiver will drive a car provided by the client. They can, however, use their own car for a small additional mileage fee.

Research shows that seniors who remain involved socially live healthier, happier lives. Whether it's a trip to a park, shopping, community center activities, visiting friends and family, or religious services, our goal is to make sure that our clients maintain as much independence and social interaction as they want.


When it comes to home health care, the term “transfers” refers to the act of moving a limited-mobility patient from one place to another. Our caregivers have been trained to deal with the physical transfers of elderly patients from vehicle to wheelchair, wheelchair to bed, and numerous other combinations. The patient’s safety is always at the top of the list and our caregivers always clearly communicate with the patient to let them know the process before it happens.

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