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What is Hourly Home Care?

Horizon Care Services can provide caregivers for any level of need, from 4 to 24 hours. If you need less than 4 hours, we provide service as short as a 2-hour bath visit to assist with personal grooming. Based on our expertise in the field, our staff is able to supply quality caregivers with very little notice. If you have long term care insurance, a plan of care, which is created by us for your doctor, will dictate how many hours are needed for surgery recovery or for long-term care. Our main goal is to get you the help and support you need while working towards achieving and maintaining your independence.

Are there specific requirements for caregivers at the residence?

Provided that the house meets basic safety standards, the caregiver is simply responsible for bringing their own meals unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

What is the difference between 24-Hour Care and a Live-In Caregiver?

A live-in caregiver stays in the residence 24-hours-a-day and has their own room that they sleep in for a minimum of 7 hours per night. When caregivers are required to attend to a client more than twice during the night, then we would be required to switch to 24-hour care which requires two caregivers, each on 12-hour shifts. As safety is of utmost importance to us, split shifts ensure that the caregivers are well-rested and can be attentive at all hours of the day and night.

Do the hourly caregivers drive?

Should you require that your caregiver be a licensed driver for the purposes of taking you on errands, getting you to doctor’s appointments, or going grocery shopping, simply make the request at the time you sign up for services. Caregivers will drive you in your car, or, if you prefer, they can drive their own. There will be mileage charges billed monthly to your invoice if the caregiver uses their own car.

How do we match caregivers with clients?

At Horizon Care Services, our staff has 10 years of experience with fitting the right caregiver with a the right client. There are many requirements we take into consideration:

  • Level of experience, skill and/or specialist training
  • Level of attention required based on your level of independence
  • Level of activity you prefer
  • Shared hobbies and/or interests
  • Caregivers comfortable with your pets
  • Family concerns and preferences

Like all human relationships, finding a companion is not an exact science. While most of our clients are happy with our initial choice, you will always have the right to ask us to make a change for any reason. We can often make our caregivers available for video internet interviews should a family member be out-of-town but wish to meet the caregiver first.

We are in contact with our caregivers on a daily basis and require them to notify us when they arrive at your residence upon start of care. Should you ever have ANY issues regarding your care, our phones are answered by live help 24/7!

Can I use my Long Term Care Insurance for home care?

If you have Long Term Care Insurance, we will create a plan of care based on needs established by your doctor. The care plan will then be sent to your insurance company and they will make payments directly to us for your services. The plan of care is updated every 3 months to adjust for your needs. We will coordinate any plan of care modifications with your caregiver. Should you desire more care than your Long Term Insurance is providing, it would be available at an additional cost.

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