Welcome Home Program

What is the Welcome Home Program?

For many, private duty home health care is not an option due to financial constraints or lack of long-term care insurance coverage. But most of us need assistance after discharge from a hospital or rehabilitation facility in order to make a smooth and comfortable transition home. The Horizon Care Services Welcome Home Program was designed to take care of all aspects of that transition.

What type of services do you cover within the program?

Assist with packing personal belongings

When you are discharged, it’s easy to leave personal items behind. Our caregiver will make sure that all of your personal items are properly packed and accounted for.

Transportation home from the facility

Our caregiver will drive you home from the facility, typically in their own vehicle.

Ensure all medical equipment and supplies are delivered and ready for home use

Depending on your particular situation, your doctor may prescribe the use of medical equipment in your home. Our caregiver will make sure that the items are delivered, setup and functional for your arrival home.

Prescriptions filled and picked-up

Whether your doctor gives you a paper prescription, or calls it directly in to your pharmacy, our caregiver will pick up your medication and bring it to your home.

Check for home safety

Many accidents occur when a patient arrives home due to clutter on the floor, haphazard extension cords, carpets that are not laying flat or have folded corners, etc. Our caregiver will go through your home to make sure you have clear, unobstructed pathways to areas critical to your recovery.

Prepare home for living

In addition to safety checking your home, the caregiver will make sure the house is clean for your return. This may include dusting and vacuuming if needed.

Clean refrigerator and pantry

If your hospital stay is a direct result of a trip to the emergency room, then it is highly likely that you won’t have time to clean out your refrigerator before you leave the house. If your hospital stay is lengthy, then it’s beneficial to have the caregiver clean out your refrigerator to ensure that any and all spoiled foods have been removed from the house. If you have a pantry with any kind of perishables, they will examine that area as well.

Grocery shopping and Meal Preparation

When you are discharged, it will be important for you to have a supply of fresh groceries to be used during your recovery. Your doctor may also prescribe a special diet for the early phases of your recovery that specifies items that you may not have in your refrigerator or pantry. Our caregiver will take care of getting you all of the items and ingredients you may need at the grocery store. Not only will they shop for you, but they can take care of preparing a meal for your return home!

Personal care

Based on the complexity of your surgery and subsequent recovery, simple tasks like bathing and grooming may be difficult. Our caregivers are trained and available to assist with these activities.

Run any errands

In addition to grocery shopping and picking up prescriptions, our caregiver can run any additional errands needed to make sure that your recovery is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

How much does it cost and many how hours are included?

The program is 4 hours and costs $75. Additional hours are available at a discounted rate. The Welcome Home Program is limited to 20 total miles of travel. Any mileage over 20 will be subject to a $.50/mile additional charge.

Don’t go home alone! Call us today to help you get settled and make your transition as smooth as possible!

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