Pre-Operative Care

What is the Pre-Operative Program?

Any time a patient is due for a surgical procedure there can be many unanticipated issues with scheduling, transport and recovery. We can make this process much easier for the patient with our Pre-Operative Program. When a patient needs a surgical procedure, we can send a Care Plan Coordinator to the patient’s home to coordinate all necessary services and/or equipment needed for a smooth recovery. By the time the patient is ready for the procedure, everything will be in place to put the patient’s mind at ease.

What type of services does the Pre-Operative Program cover?

Companionship and transportation to the hospital

Our caregiver will meet the patient at their home and drive them to the facility, and will pick them up for the return trip home upon discharge.

In-Patient rehab placement

Should the patient require placement in a rehabilitation facility or health center, Horizon Care Services can assist with making sure that they are placed in a quality facility best suited to the patient’s condition and recovery needs.

Pick up prescriptions

After surgery, the doctor will normally prescribe some type of post-op medication. Whether it’s a paper prescription, or a prescription electronically sent to a pharmacy, our caregiver will pick up any necessary medications and deliver them directly to the patient’s home.

Meal Preparation and grocery shopping

After a procedure, the most important thing for a patient is to be allowed to focus on recovery. Upon discharge, the doctor will often make dietary recommendations for a patient to follow during the recovery process. Our caregiver will take care of going to the supermarket and handing any type of special dietary requirements of the patient. Not only will they go to the store, but they will take care of preparing meals for the patient, as well as being available for future shopping and meal prep needs.

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

After an operative procedure, patients may experience difficulty with simple tasks like bathing and grooming. Our caregivers are trained to assist patients with the delicate tasks associated with personal care activities.

Follow-Up Appointments

With the majority of operative procedures, there is normally a series of follow-up appointments with physicians. Caregivers can easily be scheduled to provide transportation to and from physician appointments.

RN Assessments

In some cases, it may become necessary for a Registered Nurse to come to the patient’s home to do an assessment of the patient’s needs. Horizon Care Services has associations with the area’s best nurses who are ready and able to give an honest and accurate assessment.

Wound Care

Depending on the patient’s procedure, there may be a need for wound care. We have caregivers specially trained to handle any type of care to make sure the patient is on the right road to a speedy recovery.

Durable Medical Equipment

When a patient needs to acquire medical equipment in the home to assist with their recovery, our staff can guide the patient to a reputable organization who can readily acquire whatever they may need. Our caregiver and/or Care Plan Coordinator can make sure that all equipment is ordered and installed before the patient arrives home.

Physical, Occupational, Respiratory and Speech Therapy

Should a patient require specialized therapies, we can guide a patient to the best, most reputable providers in the area. We want to make sure our clients get the very best care to make sure they make a safe and uncomplicated recovery.

Is there a maximum limit to the number of hours for this program?

While there is no maximum time limit to the Pre-Operative Care Program, we do have a 4 hour minimum. Caregivers can be scheduled from 4 hours to 24 hours based on the specific needs and recovery parameters of the patient. The caregiver can also be flexible in scheduling. For example, a patient may need 12 hours of care for the first day, 8 hours for the next day, and 4 hours for the rest of the week. Once the patient is settled and secure, they can choose to stop services at any time. Every situation is has unique parameters. Our staff works diligently with the patient and physicians to provide services that focus on their specific recovery needs.

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