Oncology Patients

In Home Care for Oncology Patients

Coping with cancer is not an easy thing. The physical effects of illness and treatment can be quite severe, and the emotional and psychological impact of having cancer can be equally challenging.

While many cancers are showing a global decrease, there are some that are still on the rise. While cures for this devastating disease are seemingly out of reach, there are many treatments that work to reduce the advance of symptoms.

When a cancer is in a higher stage of development, it often means that patients will require some kind of assistance at home. Our hourly and full-time caregivers can support you or a loved one with personal and loving care during this difficult time.

In Home Oncology Care we Provide:

Geriatric Care Management

A geriatric care manager will complete an on-site evaluation to determine current, as well as future, needs. The care manager considers health, medical needs, functional capacity and limitation, psychosocial and cognitive abilities, along with environmental and safety needs. After the assessment, a plan of action is created that outlines recommendations and goals.

Compassionate Companionship

When cancer becomes physically debilitating, companionship becomes more and more important. Our caregiver keeps the patient calm, offers a friendly face, and guides them through the activities of daily living in such a way as to make it as easy on the patient as possible.

Personal Care

We take many simple tasks of our daily life for granted. When a disease begins to affect us physically, simple tasks like bathing and dressing can become extremely difficult, and often impossible to do on our own. Our highly experienced caregivers assist with these daily activities with the goal of making the patient as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Watch for Side Effects and Symptoms

With any type of oncology treatment, side effects can be severe. Caregivers are trained to watch for side effects and changes in symptoms and can alert the care manager with any noticeable differences.

Light Housekeeping

Our caregivers can do some light housekeeping including vacuuming and dusting to keep the home clean and safe.

Grocery Shopping

Our caregivers can go shopping for a list of acceptable ingredients that has been established for the patient’s care. The caregiver will make sure all necessary items are stocked in the patient’s home.

Meal Preparation and Assistance with Feeding

Our caregivers assist with prepping meals and feeding, if necessary. They will make meal time less stressful, safer, and more enjoyable.

Assist with Transfers

Cancer patients who need help getting from their bed to a wheelchair, or from a wheelchair to a stationary chair will benefit from a caregiver’s highly-trained background in the use of transfer belts and/or hydraulic lifts.

Encourage Activities and Outings

Nothing is worse that sitting around, remaining inactive. Our caregivers keep patients engaged with things that they like to do, or going to places that they want to go.

Transportation To and From Appointments

Whether it’s a treatment, or a follow-up with a doctor, the caregiver will take care of getting the patient to the appointment!

Battling cancer is one of the most difficult things. Horizon Care Services’ Home Care Support Program for Oncology Patients can supply you with the best and most experienced caregivers to assist with this debilitating disease. Call us at 877-227-3890 and ask for guidance today.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of South FL:

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