Post Emergency Room Care

What is the Post-Emergency Room Program?

When a patient makes a visit to the Emergency Room but is not admitted to the hospital, and it’s been identified that they live alone or need extra assistance, call us for help! We can send a caregiver to assist with the patient to make sure they get home safely and to make sure they have everything they need to settle in back home.

What type of services does the Post-Emergency Room Program cover?

Pick up the patient and take them home

Our caregiver will meet the patient at the emergency room and drive them home from the facility.

Pick up prescriptions

Whether the doctor supplies a paper prescription, or calls it in directly to the pharmacy, our caregiver can take care of picking up medications to bring to the patient’s home.

Provide light housekeeping

Because most emergency room visits are unplanned, it’s not uncommon for the patient’s house to be left in varying states of disarray. The caregiver can not only check the house for safety issues such as extension cords and bunched carpets, but they can provide light housekeeping to tidy up the patient’s home for their return. This can include dusting, dish washing and vacuuming.

Grocery shopping and Meal Preparation

Once discharged, most patients are focused on recovery. The last thing that a patient is thinking about is to get fresh groceries and prepare a meal for themselves. Often times, the ER discharge plan will have some kind of special diet recommendations during recovery. Our caregiver will take care of going grocery shopping and handing any type of special diet requirements the patient needs. Not only will they go to the store, but they will take care of preparing a meal for the patient’s return home, as well as being available for future shopping and meal prep needs.

Personal care

After an ER visit, certain patients may experience difficulty with simple tasks like bathing and grooming. Our caregivers have vast experience assisting patients with personal care activities.

Follow-Up Appointments

Typically after any type of emergency room visit, there are follow-up appointments with physicians. Caregivers can be scheduled to provide transportation to and from physician appointments.

Is there a maximum limit to the number of hours for this program?

There are no maximum time limits to the Post Emergency Room Care Program, however there is a 4 hour minimum. Caregivers can be scheduled from 4 hours to 24 hours based on the specific needs of the patient. The caregiver can also be flexible in scheduling. For example, a patient may need 8 hours of care for the first day after the visit, 4 hours for the next day, and 2 hours for a personal care visit for the following day. Once the patient is settled and secure, they can choose to stop services at any time. Every situation is different and our staff will work with the patient to get them exactly what they need.

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