In an ideal world a few minutes should not define the rest of your day but pretty much everyone has had a bad morning turn into a terrible day. There is just an innate mindset that if the day begins badly the rest of the day will follow suit. This does not have to be the case if we choose to begin our day in a positive way regardless of what we may wake up to.

The Exploration of Consciousness Research Institute (EOC) believes a well-chosen mantra along with meditation can have very positive effects. In fact, the institute suggests the use of mantras may help with physical, mental, and spiritual health. So, starting the day with a positive mantra despite whatever may face you upon waking can lead to a more positive day.

Traditional Mantras

Those who use mantras in association with meditation and yoga may learn the use of some traditional phrases. Generally spoken in Sanskrit or Ghurmeki, according to there are a host of beautiful and meaningful phrases to choose from. Some of these traditional mantras may be perfect for morning reflection in preparation for a long day ahead. (

Akal Maha Kal:

This translates to Undying, and Great Death may seem a little morbid but the intent is not what it may seem. This is a mantra of life giving intended to remove fear and relax the mind. Starting the day with this chant will give you confidence and a calm mind to face the challenges of the day.


It is just a simple one word phrase which means Creator. It is intended as a way to tap into the primal vibration of creativity. We need creativity in our day. We need to be able to adapt to the daily challenges so Ong will open up our creative strengths.

Wahe Guru:

This mantra cannot be translated but it is considered the mantra of ecstasy. The intent of this phrase is to lift your spirits and in doing so preparing yourself for the day ahead.

Modern Day Mantras

You do not always need a deep mystical mantra with a cosmic meaning, sometimes your own words can be self inspiring. We are all individuals and we know what kind of challenges we face daily based on our jobs and the people we are likely to interact with.

Creating your own personal mantras is perfectly acceptable; you need only decide what you need to have a positive day. If you need bravery then look for strength, if you need calm then look for focus, basically look for inspiration.

Some great personal mantras may include.

  • Another day another opportunity
  • I am enough
  • I’m on my own path
  • Breathe in positivity exhale negativity
  • I will end today a better person that I am this morning
  • Seek solutions not new problems
  • If I believe I can then I will
  • I am not perfect nor do I need to be

The key to creating your own mantra lies in your ability to understand yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses, tap into the things you want most and assess how you can get them.

Final Thoughts

When you start your day with positive thoughts with which you can calm your anxieties and fortify your strength you are already reaching for success. If we walk into our day convinced that it will be bad and that only negative things will come to us then we write our own disappointments. Choose a positive phrase, take some time to reach a relaxed state and tell yourself why today will be good.