Citrus fruits are a common staple item in every household. They are sold year round and come in a wide variety of options including lemons, oranges, limes, grapefruits, etc. Not only do these juicy fruits taste delicious, but they have an extensive amount of nutritional benefits, and we’re not just talking about Vitamin C!

To learn more about citrus fruits and how much they do four our bodies, keep on reading!

Vitamin C

This may go without saying, but citrus foods contain a mass amount of Vitamin C, which, our bodies crave to function properly. Vitamin C produces collagen, which, is what your body needs to give your skin and tendons elasticity.

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals that could cause damage to healthy cells in the body.

Health experts say that men should take in 90mg of Vitamin C per day and women should take in 75mg of Vitamin C per day. Although that sounds like a lot, one small orange, such as a clementine, contains 53mg of Vitamin C. Two of those and you’re done for the day!


Fiber is another important nutrient that should be consumed on a daily basis. Surprisingly, you can consume your required amount of fiber every day without the use of fiber bars or fiber powders. Just eat some citrus fruit!

A small orange contains 2.4 grams of fiber, so a few of those or even a tangerine will do the trick! Most of the fiber in citrus fruits is soluble and helps to lower blood sugar levels. The remaining amount of fiber is insoluble, but, helps prevent constipation.


Potassium is what helps the body maintain the proper amount of water and acid, without one overpowering the other. It also plays a part in muscle contraction and regulating blood pressure.

One orange contains around 235mg of potassium and the daily recommendation of potassium is around 2,000mg.

What Citrus Foods Do For The Body

Citrus foods are not only great sources of important daily nutrient requirements; they also have health benefits that a lot of other foods do not have.

Decrease The Possibility Of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is a common problem amongst many people and is easy to develop if a proper diet is not maintained. Eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits is known to help decrease the possibility of this condition that can lead to premature death.

Citrus fruits in particular are known to decreases the levels of oxidized LDL levels in the body, which will then decrease the risk of heart disease.

Decrease The Possibility Of Cancer

A vast amount of research has gone into the study of citrus fruits and their effects on cancer. Nearly 100% of these studies yield the same results; Citrus fruits help create a barrier around the cells to protect them from cancerous ones.

You do not need to consume mass amounts of Vitamin C in order to help fight your chances of developing cancer, but throwing in some oranges or grapefruits into your daily diet certainly won’t hurt!

Decrease The Possibility Of Developing Kidney Stone Disease

Kidney Stone disease is fairly common, more so amongst men than women. However, research has shown that consuming citrus foods will help decrease the possibility of developing a Kidney Stone.

Several studies have shown that people who get Kidney stones often have significantly low levels of citrate in their urine. Citrate is known for breaking down the excessive amount of salts that create these Kidney stones. By eating citrus foods, some studies say that you may be more likely to avoid those painful lumps.


Citrus foods are known for their mass amounts of nutrients and ability to protect us from harmful diseases. Add in a few servings of these fruits, and choose from oranges, limes, lemons or grapefruits and see how much your health improves!